Debt restructuring without Credit Bureau

Debt restructuring without Credit Bureau is only the right solution if the loan for the debt restructuring should not exceed 5,000 dollars. Credit Bureau-free loans that can be used for debt restructuring are not granted in any amount. A debt rescheduling with a Credit Bureau-free loan therefore only makes sense if it is not about large amounts.

When offers debt restructuring without Credit Bureau

When offers debt restructuring without Credit Bureau

The project is ideal when it comes to replacing the expensive overdraft facility with a debt rescheduling. It can be completely replaced if it is used for less than 5,000 dollars. In addition, it should be noted that the overdraft rate must be higher than the interest for the Credit Bureau-free loan, because otherwise nothing is saved. Nevertheless, it can be important to replace the overdraft facility because a loan that is repaid in regular installments can be paid off better than the overdraft facility. However, the overdraft facility cannot be repaid. Experience has shown that consumers who regularly live above their means find it difficult to discipline themselves in such a way that they voluntarily reduce the overdraft facility.

It can be really problematic if the bank has already canceled the overdraft facility and is requesting compensation within a very short period of time. Therefore, debt restructuring with a Credit Bureau-free loan is advisable, because hardly any other bank will grant loans if the Credit Bureau is already negative.

The Credit Bureau-free loan from Liechtenstein

The Credit Bureau-free loan from Liechtenstein

In principle, German banks do not grant loans without Credit Bureau in Germany. Anyone planning a debt restructuring without Credit Bureau should therefore contact a credit agency to apply for the loan there. Either 3,500 or 5,000 dollars are specified, it cannot be varied. But that also means that only small amounts can be rescheduled. The transfer fee should not be greater.

In addition to the above-mentioned overdraft facility, a Credit Bureau-free small loan can also be used to conveniently redeem loans from the mail order business or smaller goods loans.

Please note: debt restructuring should also always pay off. It would be purely mathematical nonsense to reschedule a Credit Bureau-free loan, which is always expensive in terms of borrowing costs, in order to replace a loan that has not caused any borrowing costs. Debt restructuring would only make sense in exceptional cases when it comes to cleaning up Credit Bureau.

Credit Bureau-free loans have the disadvantage that they cause relatively high borrowing costs and are therefore only suitable for rescheduling to a limited extent.

When the debt restructuring makes sense

A debt rescheduling is only advisable if it comes to loans that are associated with high borrowing costs. A loan without Credit Bureau is not a cheap loan, so it does not make sense to replace a loan obligation with a Credit Bureau-free loan, which was a so-called zero percent financing.

Anyone who believes that debt restructuring can solve the existing financial problems will be instructed a short time later. Financial bottlenecks can surely be remedied. A rescheduled overdraft again creates a little more liquidity, but this is more of a snapshot. The debt restructuring does not eliminate the actual problem, but rather postpones it. If you have financial problems, it may make more sense to turn to debt counseling instead of covering up a problem with debt restructuring without Credit Bureau. Debt counseling provides competent and professional help, free of charge.

What to look for when choosing a credit intermediary

What to look for when choosing a credit intermediary

If the debt rescheduling is to be carried out without Credit Bureau after weighing up everything that speaks for and against, it should also be noted when choosing the credit broker that it is a reputable broker who does not charge any upfront costs. There are a lot of “black sheep” in the industry who sell their customers everything they can, but do not provide credit without Credit Bureau.

Loan for startups – is it available?




Regardless of whether you have just learned that you will become a mother and wanted to work in the comfort of your home, or quit your boring job in the corporation to become your helm, sail and ship, it is now starting your adventure as your own boss. 

As you can easily guess, at the beginning the principals do not push the doors and windows, and your business does not bring too much profit yet. And taxes and ZUS must be paid – especially if the decision to “switch to your own” coincided with the information about pregnancy. It’s hard at that moment to put aside funds for one’s own maintenance, let alone think about the company’s development.

Loan for your company

Loan for your company

As with other loans, the basic condition for obtaining a start loan will be the submission of a loan application. The application should be accompanied by such documents as:

  • certificate of non-arrears with payments to ZUS and the Tax Office,
  • business plan,
  • entry in the business register,
  • certificate of loan collateral.

How to secure a start loan?

How to secure a start loan?

A higher loan amount requires collateral. You can choose one of the ways:

  • use a third party surety,
  • the assignment of receivables,
  • sign a blank promissory note,
  • pledge the company ‘s non-current assets using a mortgage on the property.

Loan for entrepreneurs with longer experience

Loan for entrepreneurs with longer experienceLoan for entrepreneurs with longer experience

Do you know this feeling when you sit down to your computer to write the latest article on your blog and your child accidentally spills a whole cup of coffee on it? Or maybe the baby got interested in your new camera and pressed all buttons at the same time with too much attention?

Unfortunately, such “random accidents” happen quite often, even if you have been running your business for some time. The question is, where in this case suddenly get 10 thousand. to buy new equipment?

Perhaps soon we will also measure creditworthiness by the number of followers or the number of ranges. Fortunately, this profession is more and more recognized by banks, and it will be easier and easier for credit representatives to get credit for further activity.

Is it worth using the services of credit and financial advisers?

First, explain exactly who your credit advisor is and what services he provides. As you can guess, this is a person who gives us all information about loans, the rules for granting them, the conditions that we must meet, as well as banking and credit laws.

In the past, practically anyone could become a financial advisor, but since 2017 due to the introduction of the new law on mortgage loans and supervision of mortgage brokers and agents, now a person who has obtained permission from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority can become a credit advisor.

In addition, she must be registered in the register of advisers and pay the agreed premium.

Online credit advisor – is it worth using?


Modern times are developing more and more every year. This is a great help for people who do not have enough time for personal visits, commuting to stationary points and meetings with advisors. Currently, we can use the service of online financial consulting.

It is becoming more and more popular not only because of speed but also great comfort and convenience. We don’t even have to leave our own home to get credit advice. An online credit counselor will answer all your questions and provide information on a specific offer and help you make the decision to commit.

An online credit advisor can significantly streamline the entire process if you want to get financial help from a bank. There is no doubt that for most of us comparing offers on the market is a big problem. Not only do we have to spend a lot of time on it, but also our level of knowledge about financial products does not allow us to quickly analyze the situation.

What is the difference between an intermediary and a credit advisor?

What is the difference between an intermediary and a credit advisor?

In addition to credit advisors, we can also come across the concept of an intermediary. However, both these professions differ significantly, which is worth knowing. The broker must inform the consumer about the institutions with which he cooperates and what commission he collects for using the offered products.

However, it is obvious that a credit counselor acts as an intermediary. He works with many banks, but because he works independently, he presents a richer offer than an intermediary. The current law stipulates that financial intermediaries are usually large companies employing credit agents (also known as credit experts).

Due to the newly introduced regulations, many credit advisors have disappeared from the market, because a number of conditions must be met in order to be able to perform this type of profession. You will need to pass a state exam to become an intermediary.

What does a credit counselor earn from?

What does a credit counselor earn from?

A credit counselor usually makes his income dependent on the commission that the institution pays him for the client’s use of the financial product and the terms he sets with the consumer. So your salary can reach different levels.

If he is able to convince the consumer to take a larger loan or purchase additional services, such as insurance or investment, the advisor will earn much more. We must expect that the advisor may persuade us to take advantage of the additional offer, thanks to which his profits will increase, and we will incur additional costs.

Therefore, it is worth considering whether the additional purchase of a particular option is necessary for us. We also need to receive information from a credit advisor regarding the amount of commission he collects from the banks with which he has cooperated.

How much does a credit advisor cost?

If you are wondering how much credit advisor costs, you must be aware that there is no clear answer to this question.

We will often not pay anything for the first visit with an advisor, as more and more offers allow us to have the first meeting for free. The cost of credit advisor services depends on the conditions that we will agree with him.

What commission does the credit advisor get?

Certainly, everyone who uses the services of a consultant and wants to take a special-purpose loan or invest money, wonders what commission a credit counselor gets.

Its amount depends on the agreement he has concluded with the bank in which we take the loan. Often, his salary for using the offer starts with 4%.

Credit or banking advisor – who should you choose?

Credit or banking advisor - who should you choose?

Many people who want to take out a loan wonder what they will gain by applying for a loan from an intermediary or bank advice. In the first case, we can count on a shorter process in which we apply for a loan because we can count on the support of an adviser and because of the knowledge of the specifics of the institution, i.e. the procedures, as well as the requirements that the bank sets us up more efficiently.

Certainly, the biggest advantage of a credit advisor is that he can present us with many offers. By using bank advice, we can only receive services offered by one institution. An important aspect is also the possibility of negotiating a more profitable offer. An advisor often enables more favorable loan terms.

Types of Credit Cards that Are Right for SME Entrepreneurs

Different credit cards, of course, will also be different benefits and benefits provided. However, one thing that is impossible for us is to have all kinds of credit cards, because if you count the numbers, it can reach up to dozens of different types. Then, what exactly are the criteria in finding the most ideal credit card for us to use?

Everyone will certainly have their own needs

Everyone will certainly have their own needs

And this is what is then targeted by credit card issuing banks in printing different types of cards in their products. There are many types of needs, it will take many types of credit cards to fulfill it.

However, as a businessman, you certainly want a credit card that is able to provide the best service in a variety of business affairs that you run. This is certainly very reasonable because everyone wants to get the best service and also the most appropriate for him.

Credit Card Criteria for a Business

Credit Card Criteria for a Business

If some people consider credit cards as a test in finance, then a businessman will see this as an opportunity and also a facility that can maximize the business that is being run at this time. Various facilities and also benefits can be provided by credit cards in developing the business that you are holding. But that can only happen if your credit card has various criteria below.

1. Large Credit Limit

It will be very important for a businessman to have a credit card with a large enough limit, this can be used if at any time you need an additional amount of capital. You will never know when your business will experience a lack of capital, this can happen at any time beyond your expectations. If this happens, then the credit card can be used to become a temporary source of capital in your business.

This, of course, can only be done if you have a large number of limits on your credit card so that at any time these funds can be withdrawn and used to run your business that is being disrupted. However, always remember well, that the capital is a debt which later must be paid back.

2. Percentage of Adequate Cash Withdrawals

Use a credit card that provides a sizeable cash withdrawal percentage, at least 50% of the total credit limit you have. This is very important to note from the beginning because it will be useless you have a large credit limit if it turns out the percentage of cash withdrawal is very small.

There are several banks that provide a percentage of cash withdrawals up to 50%. However, most banks only provide a cash withdrawal percentage of 20%. If you only have a cash withdrawal percentage of 20%, then the funds that can be withdrawn are also relatively very small.

3. Has Various Attractive Features

As a businessman, you will certainly take into account the various benefits that you can get from the credit card you use. Although it looks the same, basically every credit card has its own advantages in each type, so make sure you only use a credit card that has maximum benefits, such as:

  • Cashback
    Credit cards that have a cashback program, will provide many benefits for users, especially if the credit card is often used in certain places that have a cashback program with the card-issuing bank.
  • 0% installment
    Do not underestimate this, you will need it at any time if the bill swells and you do not have the funds to pay off all bills at once.
  • Point Rewards
    This is also one of the things that are beneficial in a credit card and makes sure your credit card has the program. Collect and always exchange your rewards points for various items/prizes provided by the issuing bank.

Choose and Make the Most of it


As we know, credit cards will have a variety of features and benefits that differ from one another. As a business person, you are certainly obliged to examine and choose the most appropriate credit card that can support the business that you are running. The best is not necessarily the most appropriate, look at your needs and match the type of card you need. In this way, the maximum benefit from the credit card can be obtained.

What is a credit card and what is it for?

A credit card is a type of payment card. When you use it, you use the credit limit granted to you by the bank. You can have a credit card in the same bank where you have an open bank account, but since these products do not combine in any way, you may as well have it in any other institution.

The loan amount (i.e. the credit card limit) is set by the lender. The limit is the result of your monthly income and credit history.

How do you use a credit card?

How do you use a credit card?

Reasonably. This is the most important rule that you should follow. With a credit card, you can make cashless payments, withdraw funds using an ATM, and make transfers and transactions in online stores. Remember, however, that not all of these operations are free.

Interest-free period – what is it?

Of course, you have an interest-free period on your credit card, which can be over 50 days. This means that for over a month the loan will be free for you, and you, in the next billing period, will be required to repay only the minimum amount.

But check exactly in what situations the interest-free period will cover you because most often it only applies to card payments in stationary and online stores (i.e. transactions that the bank treats as non-cash). All other transactions will accrue interest from the first day.

Credit card transfer – can you?

Credit card transfer - can you?

Can I pay bills by credit card? Well, you can, but it doesn’t always pay off. Some banks treat transfers as cash transactions, others as non-cash transactions, but in principle, each bank will charge you a commission for such a transfer. When choosing a credit card, pay attention to what fees will be associated with the transfer of funds from your credit card so that you do not feel cheated later.

If you want to make a transfer using a credit card, you must remember that the bank usually charges a large commission for such an operation. You can check its amount in the table of fees and commissions of the bank from which you have a credit card.

Credit Card Ranking

A comparison of credit card offers allows you to choose the best option. You can compare the interest-free periods, annual fee or interest rate, and even … card images. To facilitate this task for you, we have prepared a credit card ranking for you.

Credit and debit card – differences

Credit and debit card - differences

To compare these two financial products, let’s first start by ordering knowledge. We can use four types of cards: credit (about which we write in today’s article), debit, prepaid and charge cards.

Debit card – this is the basic payment card that is issued when opening a personal account. With this card you pay, withdraw money – but only yours.

As you can see, these two financial products, apart from one common feature – high popularity – are more divided than shared. If you used a credit card, then you certainly have experience with your debit card long ago and using it does not cause you any problem.

A prepaid card, also called a prepaid card – just like in the case of a debit card, using a prepaid card you will not be able to spend more money than the ones on your account. In addition, the prepaid card uses its “own account” and, as with the credit card, is not linked to our primary account.

This product is ideal for parents who do not want to pay their children traditional pocket money or need to fund their kids’ accounts when they are on a school trip, for example.

A charge card is a similar product to a credit card. The only difference is that the debt incurred in this way is repaid in full, automatically every month, and in the case of a credit card you can divide them into regular repayments (min. 5% of the debt).

The Most Right Credit Card for Your Life

The current lifestyle will inevitably affect yourself while in the social environment. Even with the development of the times become triggers of a lifestyle that is more instant, luxurious and sophisticated. The existence of technology is also one of the main factors changing human lifestyles, is considered to facilitate all human activities and can be completed in a short time.

Today, human needs are not only limited to clothing, food, and shelter, but there are other needs that must be met for his satisfaction. Other needs such as Sports, Traveling, Beauty, are now a necessity that must be fulfilled for a better life. Having a credit card is one solution that will help you meet those needs.

There are some people who think that having a credit card

There are some people who think that having a credit card

It is not necessary for their lives, besides the existence of bills every month, the interest to be paid is considered to add to the total bill. However, for those who really need a credit card with the ability to make regular payments every month, having a credit card is something that is needed.

Currently, the banking institution has provided various credit cards that are tailored to the needs of its users. When you visit a bank and ask about a credit card, you will be informed of several types of credit cards that are the mainstay of a particular bank, what distinguishes one credit card from another is the maximum amount of credit that can be used on the credit card.

Maybe the variety of credit cards available at a banking institution will make you a little confused, considering the offer that is owned by each credit card is very tempting.

For example, there is one credit card that will give you a lot of discounted promos every month, if you shop at certain outlets. Of course, you think, that with the discount, your shopping will be a little more economical, of course, compared to paying with Cash.

Having a credit card is also very useful

Having a credit card is also very useful

When you frequently travel abroad, because of an assignment from your job, or even just a vacation. When going abroad, of course, we must first exchange the currency from our country to the currency of the country we visit, when we want to make transactions in that country.

And to exchange it, we need to come to Money Changer, which is located in the city center. If you use a credit card, no need to bother exchanging your money, you can immediately make payments with a credit card with the Visa logo, which can be accepted in various countries.

As a credit card user, you should be more careful in its use. You don’t need all the types of credit cards you have because they are preparatory actions, the next time you need them. You can choose the right credit card according to your needs. What type of credit card might suit your needs? Here are the various types of credit cards that are right for you:

Beginner Credit Card Users


Are you just about to use a credit card? When various bank institutions offer you credit card products, you don’t need to feel bothered to have all the credit cards offered. Choose the credit card that you really need.

Submitting to make a credit card to the bank is also not easy. You must meet several requirements submitted by the Bank you are visiting. It’s a good idea to choose a credit card that offers a free annual fee or choose a credit card that offers lots of free gifts. You should make a credit card at the bank where you save so that all the requirements can be easier.

Credit Card for those of you who have installments

For those of you who like gadgets or electronic devices, you should use a credit card specifically for installment payments. The advantage of this type of Credit Card is in the form of 0% installments, there is a cashback and also a large reward, and low interest. In addition, choose a credit card that often gives cashback, every time a transaction is made. Make sure the credit card you choose is the one with the lowest interest rate.

The most advantageous cash loan offer

In which bank to borrow 15,000 in September USD not to overpay? According to analysis, this month the best offer was prepared by Good Finance. By borrowing from this bank, you can save up to USD 3,149.

Are you surprised that we mention savings when we take a cash loan on wallpapers? Although, at first glance, borrowing is not connected with saving in any way, how much we will have to give back to the bank, yes. What differences are we talking about? That’s what our readers Kasia and Janek asked us, who need USD 15,000 to renovate a bathroom flooded because of a pipe crack.

After a short conversation with them, we asked the banks to prepare calculations. We were only interested in offers for external clients because Kasia and Janek do not want to be associated with the lender in any way. In total, we compared 15 proposals. As our analyses have shown, the total cost of credit can be from 19 199 to as much as 22 348 USD.

The most advantageous cash loan offer

The most advantageous cash loan offer

Good Finance, E-Money and Good Credit Bank are institutions that offered our clients the best conditions.

Good Finance turned out to be unrivaled, with a total payment of USD 19,199 and a monthly installment of USD 320. All thanks to an interest rate of 5.99 percent. and a 10.50 percent commission

E-Money has also prepared a good offer. The monthly installment proposed by this institution was only higher by USD 10.66, unfortunately for 5 years it will translate into USD 640 more of the total amount to be paid (USD 12,840 vs. USD 19,199). This result was affected by an interest rate of 6.00 percent. and a 12.30 percent commission

Good Credit Bank prepared the last offer worth attention

Good Credit Bank prepared the last offer worth attention

Unfortunately, here the losses to the winning Good Finance were even greater: USD 12.73 on a monthly installment, which translated into USD 19 964 of the total amount to be paid (i.e. by as much as USD 764 more than in the first place winner). This result was affected by an interest rate of 7.95 percent. and 8.70 percent commission.

In all three offers presented above, the total amount to be paid did not exceed USD 20,000. USD. Of the 15 calculations that banks sent us, only two were so favorable. The total cost of the loan did not exceed 20 thousand.

Our customers were very grateful for help in choosing the best offer. They finally took out a loan at Good Finance, simply choosing the loan that will cost them the least.

Loans in 15 minutes online – choose fast internet loans

The additional cash will be useful to buy a trip at a promotional price, pay for a mechanic or get medical advice. The easiest way to get it is through online loans in 15 minutes.

Online Payday loans in 15 minutes – how is this possible?

Online Payday loans in 15 minutes - how is this possible?

Online Payday loans, or short-term loans for small amounts, are characterized by a significantly simplified process of granting them. It is thanks to this that the time from the moment you submit an application to obtaining a response and receiving money is much shorter than in a traditional bank. Loans in 15 minutes online are provided by non-bank institutions that operate as follows:

  • accept a loan application electronically,
  • consider it shortly after receipt,
  • limit the creditworthiness assessment to a minimum,
  • transfer money to the account within several minutes of issuing a positive decision on granting a loan.

What do 15 minutes mean, which often appears in advertising slogans? Most often, a quarter is counted from the moment of positive consideration of the application until the money is transferred to your account. Some companies also state that within 15 minutes you will receive a decision to grant or refuse a loan.

What can delay receiving payday pay?

What can delay receiving payday pay?

There are several factors that determine when a quick 15-minute online loan will reach your account. It depends on how quickly you will be verified by the lender – in some companies, this process is automated, in other employees are responsible for it. It may also be that the company will ask you to provide a bank statement that will confirm regular receipts.

In addition, it is not insignificant when and where you apply and in which bank you have an account. Some companies work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while others only work at designated times. However, if you have an account at a bank other than a loan company, funds may reach you with a slight delay, which depends on the duration of interbank sessions.

A loan in 15 minutes online – how exactly does the verification work?

A loan in 15 minutes online - how exactly does the verification work?

Although 15 minutes is only a time during which many companies offer withdrawal of funds after the successful consideration of your application, there is no doubt that the whole procedure related to applying and granting payday loans is much simpler and less time-consuming than at the bank. To get a 15-minute online loan, you must have a valid ID card, meet the age criterion (may be different in different companies), have a bank account, Internet access, and telephone.

If you want to apply for payday loans online, you must complete the application – your personal data will be required, as well as a statement on how high your monthly income is. Importantly, for many loan companies, the information you enter in the form will be sufficient, and it will not be necessary to provide employment or earnings certification. Some institutions will also not check you in Credit Checker, which will further shorten the procedure.

Verifying your identity is a necessary step when applying for a quick loan online in 15 minutes. Most often, the loan company will ask you to perform the so-called verification transfer for the amount of USD 1 or USD 0.01 – you must make it from your account. Since the granting of the loan is 100% online, it is a convenient and quick way for the lender to confirm the data entered by you in the form. If you delay in making the transfer, it will delay the payment to your account.

See how to choose a loan in 15 minutes online!

See how to choose a loan in 15 minutes online!

Non-bank companies where you can take out loans online in 15 minutes offer products that differ in many ways. To choose the best 15-minute online loan, pay attention to:

  • minimum and the maximum loan amount – loans on the Internet in 15 minutes are granted for small amounts – in some companies, the minimum amount is USD 100, and in others USD 300, while the maximum can range from USD 1,500 to even USD 20,000;
  • minimum and maximum loan period – choose an offer that will allow you to pay off your debt at a convenient time. It can be 14 days, 30 days, 45 or 61 days. You can decide not only on payday loans repaid once after a certain period of time but also on installment loans, in which the liability is regulated in installments, e.g. for 3, 6, 24 or 60 months;
  • APRC – this indicator informs you what amount you will eventually have to pay back to the loan company. Includes all costs associated with the loan, including commission, application processing costs or insurance;

You will compare all the most important parameters of payday loans in The Good Finance comparison engine, which will display offers that meet your requirements. This way you will quickly find out which company you can count on to receive the amount you need, convenient repayment date and which product is the cheapest, i.e. it has the lowest APRC.

  • Possibility of the first free loan – some parabanks offer the first loan for free, i.e. with 0% APRC. Thanks to this, when you meet the repayment deadline, you give back exactly what you borrowed;
  • verification in the debtors ‘databases – you can limit the search for offers to companies that do not check clients in the debtors’ databases, which is a good solution when you are blacklisted in Credit Checker;
  • company working time – if you care about time, submit an application to the company that works at the moment. As a result, your application will be processed without undue delay;
  • company account – to get the money to your account as soon as possible, use the services of a company that has an account in the same bank as you;
  • refinancing option – you will appreciate it when it turns out that you have a hard time accumulating the amount needed to settle the liability. Refinancing allows you to defer the repayment of the liability. You will learn more about it in the article Refinancing a cash loan.

Internet loans in 15 minutes provide access to additional funds shortly after submitting the application. Carefully contracted loans will allow you to regain financial liquidity and cover all unplanned expenses.