Loan for startups – is it available?




Regardless of whether you have just learned that you will become a mother and wanted to work in the comfort of your home, or quit your boring job in the corporation to become your helm, sail and ship, it is now starting your adventure as your own boss. 

As you can easily guess, at the beginning the principals do not push the doors and windows, and your business does not bring too much profit yet. And taxes and ZUS must be paid – especially if the decision to “switch to your own” coincided with the information about pregnancy. It’s hard at that moment to put aside funds for one’s own maintenance, let alone think about the company’s development.

Loan for your company

Loan for your company

As with other loans, the basic condition for obtaining a start loan will be the submission of a loan application. The application should be accompanied by such documents as:

  • certificate of non-arrears with payments to ZUS and the Tax Office,
  • business plan,
  • entry in the business register,
  • certificate of loan collateral.

How to secure a start loan?

How to secure a start loan?

A higher loan amount requires collateral. You can choose one of the ways:

  • use a third party surety,
  • the assignment of receivables,
  • sign a blank promissory note,
  • pledge the company ‘s non-current assets using a mortgage on the property.

Loan for entrepreneurs with longer experience

Loan for entrepreneurs with longer experienceLoan for entrepreneurs with longer experience

Do you know this feeling when you sit down to your computer to write the latest article on your blog and your child accidentally spills a whole cup of coffee on it? Or maybe the baby got interested in your new camera and pressed all buttons at the same time with too much attention?

Unfortunately, such “random accidents” happen quite often, even if you have been running your business for some time. The question is, where in this case suddenly get 10 thousand. to buy new equipment?

Perhaps soon we will also measure creditworthiness by the number of followers or the number of ranges. Fortunately, this profession is more and more recognized by banks, and it will be easier and easier for credit representatives to get credit for further activity.

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