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The additional cash will be useful to buy a trip at a promotional price, pay for a mechanic or get medical advice. The easiest way to get it is through online loans in 15 minutes.

Online Payday loans in 15 minutes – how is this possible?

Online Payday loans in 15 minutes - how is this possible?

Online Payday loans, or short-term loans for small amounts, are characterized by a significantly simplified process of granting them. It is thanks to this that the time from the moment you submit an application to obtaining a response and receiving money is much shorter than in a traditional bank. Loans in 15 minutes online are provided by non-bank institutions that operate as follows:

  • accept a loan application electronically,
  • consider it shortly after receipt,
  • limit the creditworthiness assessment to a minimum,
  • transfer money to the account within several minutes of issuing a positive decision on granting a loan.

What do 15 minutes mean, which often appears in advertising slogans? Most often, a quarter is counted from the moment of positive consideration of the application until the money is transferred to your account. Some companies also state that within 15 minutes you will receive a decision to grant or refuse a loan.

What can delay receiving payday pay?

What can delay receiving payday pay?

There are several factors that determine when a quick 15-minute online loan will reach your account. It depends on how quickly you will be verified by the lender – in some companies, this process is automated, in other employees are responsible for it. It may also be that the company will ask you to provide a bank statement that will confirm regular receipts.

In addition, it is not insignificant when and where you apply and in which bank you have an account. Some companies work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while others only work at designated times. However, if you have an account at a bank other than a loan company, funds may reach you with a slight delay, which depends on the duration of interbank sessions.

A loan in 15 minutes online – how exactly does the verification work?

A loan in 15 minutes online - how exactly does the verification work?

Although 15 minutes is only a time during which many companies offer withdrawal of funds after the successful consideration of your application, there is no doubt that the whole procedure related to applying and granting payday loans is much simpler and less time-consuming than at the bank. To get a 15-minute online loan, you must have a valid ID card, meet the age criterion (may be different in different companies), have a bank account, Internet access, and telephone.

If you want to apply for payday loans online, you must complete the application – your personal data will be required, as well as a statement on how high your monthly income is. Importantly, for many loan companies, the information you enter in the form will be sufficient, and it will not be necessary to provide employment or earnings certification. Some institutions will also not check you in Credit Checker, which will further shorten the procedure.

Verifying your identity is a necessary step when applying for a quick loan online in 15 minutes. Most often, the loan company will ask you to perform the so-called verification transfer for the amount of USD 1 or USD 0.01 – you must make it from your account. Since the granting of the loan is 100% online, it is a convenient and quick way for the lender to confirm the data entered by you in the form. If you delay in making the transfer, it will delay the payment to your account.

See how to choose a loan in 15 minutes online!

See how to choose a loan in 15 minutes online!

Non-bank companies where you can take out loans online in 15 minutes offer products that differ in many ways. To choose the best 15-minute online loan, pay attention to:

  • minimum and the maximum loan amount – loans on the Internet in 15 minutes are granted for small amounts – in some companies, the minimum amount is USD 100, and in others USD 300, while the maximum can range from USD 1,500 to even USD 20,000;
  • minimum and maximum loan period – choose an offer that will allow you to pay off your debt at a convenient time. It can be 14 days, 30 days, 45 or 61 days. You can decide not only on payday loans repaid once after a certain period of time but also on installment loans, in which the liability is regulated in installments, e.g. for 3, 6, 24 or 60 months;
  • APRC – this indicator informs you what amount you will eventually have to pay back to the loan company. Includes all costs associated with the loan, including commission, application processing costs or insurance;

You will compare all the most important parameters of payday loans in The Good Finance comparison engine, which will display offers that meet your requirements. This way you will quickly find out which company you can count on to receive the amount you need, convenient repayment date and which product is the cheapest, i.e. it has the lowest APRC.

  • Possibility of the first free loan – some parabanks offer the first loan for free, i.e. with 0% APRC. Thanks to this, when you meet the repayment deadline, you give back exactly what you borrowed;
  • verification in the debtors ‘databases – you can limit the search for offers to companies that do not check clients in the debtors’ databases, which is a good solution when you are blacklisted in Credit Checker;
  • company working time – if you care about time, submit an application to the company that works at the moment. As a result, your application will be processed without undue delay;
  • company account – to get the money to your account as soon as possible, use the services of a company that has an account in the same bank as you;
  • refinancing option – you will appreciate it when it turns out that you have a hard time accumulating the amount needed to settle the liability. Refinancing allows you to defer the repayment of the liability. You will learn more about it in the article Refinancing a cash loan.

Internet loans in 15 minutes provide access to additional funds shortly after submitting the application. Carefully contracted loans will allow you to regain financial liquidity and cover all unplanned expenses.

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