Exercise of neurons is as important as physical exercise

Exercising neurons – #Report by Dr. Danielle Lopez Rossetti

I advise you exercise neuron, What do I mean? It’s so clear that exercising is good for you, and you realize that if you exercise, your muscles will have a different tone, you’ll feel better physically, and you’ll be able to climb stairs easily. Will be able, even if you know that wandering your mind is good for you.

It is also clear that physical exercise improves joint and muscle strength and reduces the risk of stroke because it improves heart function. Reduces the risk of heart attack. It’s clearly working well.

However, what if we think about it in terms of neurons? The neurons inside the brain are also muscles. You have to force them to exercise., And I’m not talking to you who are of a certain age, I’m talking to people of all ages. But if the years pass, you should be more concerned about practicing nervous exercises.

Mindfulness exercise is one of the recommendations of doctors for a healthy mind.

what exercise? There is a lot of. Reading is good exercise. Think of it as riding a bike, but for your neurons.

And you know what works too? Read aloud, listen for yourself. and tell someone keeping what you read, do something new If you’ve never played, play chess. If you’ve been playing chess all your life and you’re like, “well, that makes me think, that makes me feel good.” No, keep playing because you like it, but you won’t develop a neuron. Because chess neurons have already evolved. You have to do something new.

If he wasn’t doing chess, he should be doing chess. Something new. Knitting, crocheting, dancing, art class, history class, pottery, movies, anything new to the brain,

To exercise the neurons, the ideal is to do new activities, such as learning a language, starting a course, or embarking on a new hobby (iStock).

It’s like when you go to the gym for physical activity and do exercises you’ve never done before and you say “oh, my muscles hurt, my muscles hurt, I didn’t even know I had one.” Same for the neuron.

Remember. exercise memory, How? And, it’s a game. Go to the supermarket and remember where the cookies were, remember where there was such a mark of such a thing. Review the sitemap with your mind in mind. “I know the entrance is on the right here, the third aisle is up…”, and so on.

There are different types of memory and people often tell us, doctor, “I forgot that, is that normal, is that not normal?” the first thing i say, If you focus and forget, it’s a matter of adviceA lot of people forget things, but that’s because they’re not focused on when to record or store the information.

New activities should challenge the brain (Gettyimages)

New activities should challenge the brain (Gettyimages)

Other Memory Losses to Consider If you can’t remember what you did this morning or what you ate for breakfast, and this happens very often, it’s memory loss that’s a pathological process. . can be related to.

But the first thing to make sure is that The most important thing in memory is concentrationNow, if you can’t concentrate and remember clearly afterwards, that requires medical advice.

For all that, I recommend you to use the neuron, focus and train your neuronsThey have to be exercised throughout the day and luckily for that the gym is open all day.

* Dr. Daniel López Rossetti is a medical doctor (MN 62540) from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). President of the Stress section of the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH). And he is the author of books such as: “Emotions and feelings” (Ed. Planeta, 2017), “Equilibrio. How we think, how we feel, how we make decisions. User’s guide.” ( Ed. Planeta, 2019), among others.

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