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Japanese Massage Hidden Cam

Japanese massage hidden cam is a concept that is already widely adopted. It is usually performed by young male masseurs with very short haircuts. While some women in a place call this form of massage “cutting edge”, the Japanese style is actually long accepted as an ordinary kind of bodywork.

Not only limited to the female gender

Not only limited to the female gender

Japan is the world’s biggest producer of this type of massage therapy. People love to use this because it is relaxing and is very easy to do. This can be done anywhere where there is enough privacy. But no matter how you want to do it, it is very effective and can offer you lots of benefits.

The great advantage is that it is not only limited to the female gender. It can also be used by men too. You may ask why such a different concept? It is because many people in other cultures may think that they are doing a male massage when they actually are doing a female massage.

This might be confusing to them, but they are really just mistaken. You may ask the woman to lay back while you stimulate her. The trick is to massage her in a specific way so that it will feel good and will trigger a relaxation response from her.

Your aim should be to stimulate the different individual parts of her body. She should feel comfortable enough, but not enough to move. In this case, you have to feel her mood through your fingertips so that you can help her find peace of mind.

Add some touches in their technique

Add some touches in their technique

A lot of young male masseurs like to add some touches in their technique. In this type of massage, a lot of touching is recommended. Not just pinching and pulling, but also stroking is more preferred.

Massage her body in areas that are hard to reach, such as her shoulders and neck. After all, these areas may need more work.

To trigger the best result, you need to massage her a few times, so you can feel that the muscles are not tensed up. Take your time and massage the right areas with care.

You may have seen that most Japanese massage is done while lying down. This is a traditional position, which is still the most widely used. But you can also try using your arms and legs.

Joints, tendons and muscles tend to become tight after a certain age. You will be surprised to see that this tension can be easily removed. You need to relax the joint and then make sure that it is opened up.

Bring the mood for the massage session

Bring the mood for the massage session

When the joints are open, you may do a back massage for a relaxation and that will bring the mood for the massage session to progress. Then, do the same to the lower back, shoulders and neck. Be careful not to overdo it!

All your efforts will pay off when you are able to soothe the tension from your body. It may take time and patience but you will get there eventually. Remember to reward her if she is enjoying the massage and it is worth the time and effort.

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